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Policy of Quality Management System

UPM is committed to conducting an effective quality management system MS ISO 9001: 2015 through quality policy namely through:

"The staff of Universiti Putra Malaysia is committed towards excellence through the adoption of a culture of quality in teaching and learning, research and support services to meet customer expectations. The staff of Universiti Putra Malaysia shall perform its duties in achieving quality objectives laid down, as well as to ensure that these objectives are reviewed from time to time to conform to the vision, mission and goal of the UPM. "

To implement the policy then processes involve the scope of the QMS in UPM has been documented in procedures, guidelines or directives. All documents have been created, controlled and maintained systematically. QMS documents accessible through ISO management system at UPM (e-ISO) for read or printed for reference.

The effectiveness of the implementation of UPM management system seen through the Quality Assurance Committee Meeting   formerly known as ISO Committee meetings (JKISO), implementation of the management review process through Review of management (MKSP) and internal audit.  JKISO carried out at least four (4) meetings a year, MKSP and UPM's internal Audit done once a year.

Management review process in UPM focuses on continuous improvement activity that is reported and discussed in the MRM each year. Continuous improvement in view of the improvement opportunities that will activities and being implemented in UPM.

The impact of the implementation of the quality management system through the initiative can be seen through the report are discussed and reported in the MRM. The achievement of quality/standard through teaching, research and support services at the university be guaranteed and support towards the university ranked the best 200 universities of the world.

Updated:: 03/04/2018 [asyrafamin]


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