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UPM-UMSU Virtual Mobility Program for Postgraduate Students


The UPM-UMSU Virtual Mobility Program for Postgraduate Students was held on June 24th 2022, June 25th 2022 and July 2nd 2022. It was organized by the Department of Professional Development and Continuing Education, Faculty of Educational Studies and Postgraduate Campus of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara. 

On June 24th, the opening ceremony was officiated by Associate Prof.Dr.Siti Rabaah, Deputy Dean of Research, Innovation and Fundings, Faculty of Educational Studies. It was followed by a student dialogue on 'Optimizing Digital Media as Effective Communication Medium for Training and Development in Organizations', participated by twenty Masters of Human Resource Development students, UPM and  Masters in Communication students of UMSU postgraduate campus. 
June 25th event featured an international forum entitled , with Rachma A. Jaurinata and Intan Permata Sari from Masters in Communication program (UMSU) and Nor Azura Mohd Yusof and Nadhirah binti Ab Razak . The international forum was moderated by Arif Margolang (UMSU). 
The closing ceremony, officiated by Prof.Dr.Triono Eddy SH MH, Director, Postgraduate Campus of UMSU with the presence of Associate Prof.Dr.Soaib Asimiran, Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies, UPM on July 2nd 2022.  It was followed by a webinar entitled ' Psychology Communication in Organization', featuring Associate Prof.Dr.Nor Wahiza Abdul Wahat and Dr.Muhammad Thariq, M.I Kom as the keynote speakers. The session was moderated by Dr.Ribut Priadi, M.I. 
According to both directors of the virtual mobility program, Associate Prof.Dr.Nor Wahiza Abdul Wahat (UPM) and Dr.Rahma Nita Ginting (UMSU), they are very hopeful for a yearly mobility program, visiting academics and other impactful academic-related programs between both institutions. 

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