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Background JPPPL


The Department of Professional Development and Continuing Education, (formerly known as Department of Extension Education, at the Center for Extension and Continuing Education) is one of the six departments in the Faculty of Educational Studies. The Department has a pioneering record in serving the area, the country, the ASEAN region and the Commonwealth countries through teaching, research and outreach programs since its establishment in 1976.

The Department's vision is to unleash human potential and growth through lifelong learning. Its mission is to make life better through human resources development. The objectives of Department are:

  • to produce quality and competitive graduates
  • to carry out quality research in areas of expertise
  • to disseminate knowledge through publication, seminar, training and extension services
  • to provide expertise through consultation and advisory services to organizations, communities and industry
  • to establish and strengthen networking with other learning, research and industrial organizations in order to bridge the gap between theory and the practice.

The Department carries out three major function; i) teaching, ii) research, and iii) consultancy and extension services.


Graduate Programmes
The graduate programs offered are:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (Extension Education)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (Human Resources Development)
  • Master of Science (M. Sc.) (Extension Education)
  • Master of Science (M. Sc.) (Human Resources Development)
  • Master of Human Resources Development

The Doctor of Philosophy (Extension Education) program offers specialization in the areas of Continuing Education, Gender and Development, Youth and Development, and Community Resource Development.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Human Resources Development) program is designed to prepare professionals with indepth theoretical and research knowledge in specific HRD areas such as Training Management, Learning Organization, Career Development and Employees Relations. Students need to complete coursework and dissertation for both Ph.D. programs.

Each program of the Master of Science (Extension Education) and Master of Science (Human Resources Development) requires the completion of coursework and thesis. The Master of HRD requires coursework and comprehensive examination.

Bachelor Programme
The Bachelor of Science (Human Resources Development) program provides students with the necessary tool to become HRD personnel in a wide variety of organizations.

Diploma Program
The Diploma in Youth in Development Work is offered in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, and Commonwealth Secretariat, London. This program produces professional youth workers through distance education mode.

Both programs of Master of Science (HRD) and Bachelor of Science (HRD) are also offered via distance education.



Department has five research groups focusing in the following areas:

i) Human Resources Development
ii) Adult Learning and Training
iii) Gender in Development
iv) Youth in Development
v) Community Development

Research findings are disseminated for utilization by policy makers, program developers and practitioners of Human Resources Development through various publications, seminar, training, consultancy, and extension services.



The Department has come to symbolize the co-operation and fellowship between University and community which are so vital to national development, Department offers consultancy and extension services to industry, other organizations and communities through various projects, training and other knowledge dissemination efforts.

To enhance research, consultancy and extension services, Department is made up of three supportive structures:

i) Center of Excellence in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
The Center of Excellence in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (ReALL) conducts research for the development of theory and practice in the areas of adult learning, continuing education, community education, workplace learning and lifelong learning. Research are funded and carried out in collaboration with local and international partners.

ii) Women Studies Unit
The unit's objectives are: to promote the welfare and potential of women in development through teaching, consultancy and training; to undertake research on different aspects of women in development; to provide information for developing policies regarding women and development; and to link up and collaborate with other related individuals and institutions with similar goals in developing women.

iii) Youth and Development Studies Unit
The unit's objectives are: to develop youth in development through teaching, research, and consultancy, and extension services; to act as clearing house for collection and dissemination of related information; to link up and collaborate with related individuals and institutions, and to formulate approaches towards the implementation of National Youth Development Policy.



The Department has 23 academic staff qualified and experienced in the areas of Adult Education and Human Resources Development.


For further information, please contact:

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