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Event Title
Graduate Research In Education Seminar 2018
17 Jul 2018 - 15 Dec 2018
12.00 - 12.00
Faculty of Educational Studies
Event Summary
GREduc 2018 Seminar is an effort by the Faculty of Educational Studies to create an academic discussion platform for postgraduate students to present their research proposals or research findings. The GREduc 2018 Seminar is opened to all postgraduate students from the Faculty of Educational Studies. Those who have graduated within the past two years are also welcomed to participate in the seminar.

The main objectives of the GREduc 2018 seminar:

Provide opportunities for sharing research findings
Discuss on comparative issues and challenges in education
Disseminate the results of research studies form various field of education
Enhance the level of awareness about lifelong learning opportunities
Create research networking collaborations among postgraduate students
The main theme for the GREduc 2018 seminar is “Revolutionalising Research Practices in Education and Human Research Development through Industrial Revolution (IR4.0)”. Below are the sub-themes in the GREduc 2018 Seminar:

Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Administration
Educational Psychology
Educational Technology
Extension Education
Guidance and Counseling
Health Education and Communication
Human Resource Development
Moral Education
Physical Education
Sociology of Education
Sports Science
Teaching of English as a Second Language
Malay Language Education
Teaching of Malay Literature
Technical and Vocational Education and Training

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