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Comprehensive Examination CE

Comprehensive Examination (C.E)

Students pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree is required to take the Comprehensive Examination (C.E.) which aims to evaluate the student’s knowledge in the area of study, the student’s ability to integrate knowledge of research and/theories pertaining to issues that are fundamental to the field of study, and the student’s understanding of relevant research design and methodology. For this purpose the following regulations apply:  

a) A student will be permitted to sit for the C.E. only after               completion of all coursework required for the programme, and     within five (5) semesters or two and a half (2 ½) years of             cumulative enrolment, failing which his Ph.D. candidature will     be terminated.

b) A Student who converts his Bachelor degree into a Doctor of       Philosophy degree is required to pass the C.E. within three (3)     semesters, or one and a half (1 ½) years of cumulative               enrolment after the conversion date.

c) The C.E. shall consist of both written and oral examinations,         and the student is required to pass both examinations with an     equivalent of ‘B’ grade.

d) The student is not permitted to take the oral examination           until he/she has passed the written examination. The oral           examination should be conducted not later than 30 days after     the written examination.

e) The examinations are be conducted by his Supervisory                 Committee, or a special committee appointed by the Faculty.

f) If a student is unable to take the C.E. within the stipulated        time, due to medical reasons or other emergencies, he/she is      required to apply for an extension with relevant supporting          documents for approval by the Dean.

g) A student is given two opportunities to pass the examination.     The second examination must be taken within 60 days after         the first examination. Failure at the second attempt will result     in the termination of the student’s Ph.D. candidacy unless he       is recommended for reversal of study from a Ph.D. to a               Masters degree programme [Rule 26(i)]

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